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    Ways to record VOIP calls to a PC

    By cooldude | March 18, 2013

    VOIP, technologyVoIP calls have become much popular and widely used these days owing to the features of the particular system. You can easily engage in telephonic conversations and even video conversations using the VoIP technology. It a very fast and reliable way of conversation and many big conferences and meeting are now days help over the VoIP.

    In many cases you even need to record the VoIP calls. If you are doing business deal over the VoIP, then recording the calls can protect you in case of if any legal complicacy occurs in the future. There are many ways in which the VoIP calls can be recorded in to your PC.

    There is particular software named ‘Cain & Abel’ through which VoIP calls can be successfully recorded. When the VoIP call is made using soft phone on your machine, you just need to turn on the record option in the software and the VoIP call will be successfully recorded in to your PC.

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