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    How to stop phone hacking?

    By cooldude | June 3, 2013

    mobile hacking, mobilesCell phone hacking has become rampant these days for the internet connected smartphones. Are you too a smartphone user with net connection? Well, then follow the tips posted below to safeguard your phone from hacking.

    The prime most tip here is to secure your phone with password. It seems irritating to type your password everytime you want to operate the phone- but this vital to ensure that your private messages or photos are not exposed publicly. Make sure to use a difficult jumbled up password and never share the password details with the closest of acquaintances even.
    Beware of the sudden found flash drives. Do not ever plug in the sudden found flash drives in your device as theses could contain Trojan which will provide the hackers with straight accession to your privacy. If you have opted for wireless network make sure to secure it properly prior to using since unsecured networks can give hackers complete accession to your files easily.

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