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    Features of Google voice

    By cooldude | January 15, 2013

    telecommunication services , Google  voiceGoogle voice is nothing but a telecommunication service provided by Google technology. The latest mode of telecommunication Google voice was realized in 2009 march 11. People all over the US can now use and benefit from his service. This web-based application is only available in the U.S, so it relies on existing phone networks in the U.S to work properly. You can even start using this for business purpose as well. It also can be used through android and its apps.

    Google voice service provides you one phone number that is tied to you instead of a device or a location. Though Google voice in not a phone service, but it works with mobile phones, desk phones, and VolP lines and provides free voicemail which is automatically sent to your Gmail address. It also provides you free calls to US. International calls are also very cheap prices compared to Skype`s. Call forwarding, voicemail transcription, free text messaging are also available features of Google device.

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