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    Comparison between android and iOS

    By cooldude | May 3, 2013

    android vs iOSIt has always been a great tussle between mobile phones and smart phone users over the comparison on Apple’s IOS and Google’s Android. They both in reality have their own pros and cons. For example the Google’s Android OS is open source and thus can be easily used and understood by its users. By saying used we mean to say that by the correct programming standards the user can completely define their own functions and apps on android. In IOS it is not possible. Also this ensures that devices which are upgraded to Android easily acquire all the previous data stored in the last android OS.

    In Apple’s IOS this is not so easily done unless you own Apple devices to run them. Android is great on Samsung, HTC and a lot of other brands making it widely used. As a result of its wide usage many apps on the Android market are below a certain quality and they can turn out to be malware or spyware on the other hand apps present on the Apple’s market are of a certain standard in quality.

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