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    Cat6 cables: how can they help you?

    By cooldude | January 25, 2013

    Cat6 cables, internetCat6 cables are used for modern day cabling installations. They are used for LAN, Gigabyte Ethernet and other connections. They provide a lot of telecommunication services; work well with video signals and phones. They have better insulation properties than Cat5 cables.

    The bandwidth Cat6 cable support is over 200 MHz. These have advance transmission process and are immune to external noise, so the possibility of errors is negligible. Cat6 networks are highly credible and dependable. The Cat6 cables meet the household EMC needs and provide for superior Internet access rate. The environments which are interfered from lights, power lines, and other equipments are well suited for Cat6 cables.

    One thing must be ensured that all your network components are gigabyte rated then only will the Cat6 cables work efficiently. Cat6 cables are for sure expensive but worth the investment. Cat6 cable is gaining popularity recently and is going to leave behind other cables way behind in the race for network installation.

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