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  • Protect Your Android Phone With Password

    By cooldude | March 2, 2014

    Android Phone With PasswordIt has been found in a recent survey conducted on Facebook that approximately 30% of the respondents did not protect their smart phones with a password. This might leave majority of your smart phones unprotected. Here are the ways in which you can keep your phone safe.

    Setting a password is a protective measure that all of you must take so that the information in your phone isn’t accessible. There are important contacts, calendars, files, passwords that need protection. For androids, according to the models that you have, you can select a pattern, an alpha numeric password or personal identification number. Follow these steps:

    1. Go to the menu option for the home.
    2. Go to settings, security, and change screen lock option. After reaching this stage you can choose the time within which you want you phone to be automatically locked.

    Here is another way. Earlier when you lost your phone was lost, you had a wide variety of options to locate it back or go through an extremely lengthy procedure. But in your android phone now, you will get a new device locking feature. This recent update allows pushing in a new password to your phone, in order to protect it, irrespective of what settings you had earlier. All that you need to do is: Select the locking option after which you will be asked to enter a password and reconfirm it. This is a very quick method and happens within seconds. It will be protected quickly if you are in a poor signal location.

    Now, we all know that there are many android application for password protection of your phone. You can easily download those applications from android store to safeguard your android phone.

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    How To Increase The Speed Of Your Laptop

    By cooldude | February 1, 2014

    laptop speedAre you trying to increase the speed of your laptop but don’t know how to do it? It is a very common problem with laptops where after working fine for the first few months they tend to slow down. There are many reasons why they slow down but with few simple steps it will work fast like as before. Here are some easy steps that would tell you what to do in case your laptop starts working slowly:

    • The first and basic step would be to run a disk defrag in your laptop. This is a way to increase the speed at which you can get any information from your system. The wear and tear of the laptops makes this part slow and that is why it takes a bit of time for the laptop to process the information you need. To defrag you need to go start and then to accessories. In accessories there is an option called system tools and inside it is disk defrag. When you click on it the disks in the laptop will start to defrag. Once the defragging is done the path will be cleared and information will flow quickly than before.

    • One common problem with laptop users is that they have too many unnecessary startup programs. This should be eliminated as soon as possible. They also take a lot of RAM from your laptop which further slows it down. So whenever you are installing a new software make sure that you do not click on the part where it says “create a start up automatically when computer is switched on”.

    • Another thing that should be done is cleaning the registry congestion. The more you use the laptop the more registries are collected from the softwares and the applications that are installed. In order to clean the registry a particular software has to be installed. There are various such registry cleaning softwares such as RegSeeker, Registry First Aid and RegSupreme.

    And take your crucial data back-up before trying up anything else. Better safe than to be sorry.

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    Significance of Computer Recycling

    By cooldude | January 3, 2014

    Computer RecyclingCancer, hormone disruption and birth defects are some effects which the materials like cadmium, mercury and lead used for the making of computers are causing on human life. It is declared in the US that the computers and televisions sum upto around 100 million units every year and thus electronic wastes have become more than the municipal wastes generated every year. For this steps have to be taken to undo and stop their ill effects which are possible with the recycling of computers. It is important for recycling these computers now that the lifespan is becoming lesser rapidly. With the continuous change in technology there are new products available in the market every day. Here are some reasons why recycling is considered to be a good option.

    A different way of disposing e- waste:

    Now that the amount of e-waste is going on increasing, how to dispose it become a question which needs to be answered soon. Land filling the e- waste makes the soil toxic and in turn affects the human population only. To avoid this, the resources which are still usable should be taken and put into the recovery market. This really helps as an alternative option.

    Reduces land fill dangers:

    The toxics like chromium present in the motherboards and lead in cathode ray tubes present in every waste are also present in the computer waste; these toxins when they get carried away by rain waters they enter larger bodies of water contaminating it and therefore entering the food chains of human beings. They differ from dangerous diseases posed due to these harmful chemicals.

    Saves the environment:

    With the ‘go green’ motto circulating everywhere recycling is always the right option. The three R’s – reduce, reuse, and recycle are the way to go. Recycling will automatically reduce the land filling hazards and provides an alternative.

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    How To Select A Broadband Plan

    By cooldude | December 23, 2013

    Broadband PlanWhile choosing a broadband plan, impulse is the last thing that should be followed. Most plans follow a contract compulsion, and hence taking a sudden decision can prove to be regret in the near or distant future if you take up a plan which does not suit your requirements and/or costs too much. Other criterion’s such as your usage requirements, terms and conditions of the contract, cost, should be the main factors of consideration.

    Usage: The way you use your internet connection is and should be the ultimate point of consideration while selecting a plan. If you use your internet to check your emails daily and maybe visit a few social networking sites, then you will not require a high data plan. On the other hand, if you are a movie buff and are in the habit of downloading films or watching high quality videos, then a higher data plan or even unlimited usage might be the suitable option for you. By going for the wrong plan you may pay for way more than you need or might be stuck with an inadequate internet plan.

    Contract conditions: A contract is a company’s method to reel you in and to make sure that you stay on with them. It is advisable to be careful about this since you may discover after signing it that you are unhappy with their service, or that they provide below par coverage. You should always read any and every document a company makes you sign.

    Cost: Cost is without a doubt an extremely important factor. If a plan is extremely cheap, but does not meet your essential needs, then you would not want to go for it. At the same time, you should not go for a plan that punches a hole in your pocket with the bill if you do not know whether you actually need that much of data usage or not. The best option is selecting a plan in somewhere in the middle and upgrading if required in the future.

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    Finding the perfect internet fax service

    By cooldude | November 16, 2013

    To hire an internet access service with an operator must take into account certain aspects that will be of great use. It will help you decide if you have several offers for internet fax service. Under the concept of universal service of internet fax, you must ensure about internet service provider. All users obtain a connection to the public electronic communications network at a fixed location provided their applications are considered reasonable. The connection must allow voice, fax and data fast enough to permit functional Internet. The connection to the public communications network capable of functional internet access should allow data communications broadband downstream speeds of 1 Mega bit per second.

    Select high speed ISP for internet fax service

    The speed of data transmission operators must ensure is that they offer in their advertising and contracts entered into with users. In this regard, it should be noted that operators generally offer speeds, not minimal. Therefore, the minimum guaranteed speed commitments by operators will be determined by the provisions of the service contract high. If the quality offered does not correspond to the contracted quality, you can claim.

    Minimum configuration need for internet fax service

    Ensure that your computer and the telephone system in your home have the minimum requirements of the contract for the service to be provided, and no inconsistency. Remember that adherence to the System Operator Consumer Arbitration is always a distinctive added value and confidence. This system will offer you free and fast a procedure for resolving any discrepancies or conflicts that have arisen in service delivery. Do not sign the contract if there are clauses to submit to private arbitration systems, even if the second option. Find out about the conditions offered by your carrier. Operators are required to publish general contracting conditions in an easily accessible location on your website. To provide you with these conditions in writing if you request it without meet any expenses for reception. It is to be informing them on the phone to the public. It has the maximum cost of the regular price of telecommunications services without charge.

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